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Zygoma Implant & Most Affordable Prices in Turkey

Zygoma Implant

We are experts in providing digital dentistry with a free consulting approach that fuels innovation and health efficiency. For 15+ years now, we’ve mastered the top zygoma implant technologies to complete cases that have lifelong guarantee. 

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Dt. Soner Arikan

Zygoma Implant Founder - Implantologist

Our Services

  • General Anesthesia Service

    We offer a treatment opportunity with a General Anesthesia service in-house. In this way, patients do not have to seek support from other doctors or clinics. Thanks to our general anesthesia service in our clinic, a safe anesthesia process is experienced.

  • Official Dealer of Zygoma Implants

    We are not trying to treat zygoma with only a few types of implants. As we are the official provider of Straumann and Nobel Implants, we have implants of the right diameter and size for all patients. We can start treatment on the same day according to the patient's needs.

  • 100% Success Rate

    Thanks to our Zygoma implant specialists and our technology, we provide our patients with treatments with a 100% success rate and a lifetime guarantee. No matter what complications our patients encounter, our doctors in all departments provide free support during the patient's treatment.

  • The Computer-Aided Surgical Navigation System

    Thanks to the 3D instant visualization, zygoma implant specialist doctors can intervene immediately during the surgery. Improvements before and after treatment are presented to patients as an estimate. Thanks to this technology, the healing process of zygoma patients is not left to chance.

  • The Success Behind the Zygoma Implant

    We not only keep up with the ‘digital dentistry trends’ but focus on cases, which makes our services the most trustful in the entire field. Delivering excellence treatments since 2000. is a Dentafly Dental Clinic® organization.

  • Hotel Accommodation and Other Facilities

    We provide free accommodation in 4-5 star hotels in Antalya, the city called Europe's holiday paradise, for 4-5 days of treatment accommodation for patients and their relatives. We offer free VIP transfer service for transfer from the airport to the hotel and from the clinic to the hotels. In addition, we provide a special assistant for the needs of the patients in the city during the treatment.

We offer completely specific treatment types for the Zygoma Implant. We make a special treatment plan for each patient for the troubles and problems of Zygoma patients. As Zygoma Implant, we continue to treat thousands of patients from all over the world.

What To Expect Working With Us. zygoma implant

No Infection, No Gums and Healing Problems!

Our patients prefer us only because we have a special infrastructure for the zygoma implant treatment type. After Zygoma Implant treatment, there is a risk of infection due to insufficient infrastructure, lack of general anesthesia service in the clinic. As Zygoma Implant service, we keep the equipment that the patient will need in our hospital in order to prevent all these problems. In order to avoid post-treatment problems, we provide free support with our gum specialist and smile aesthetic specialists.

We gave the Power of Digital Dentistry to Zygoma Implant.

In short, 100% digital dentistry means recording every step from the beginning of the treatment and the doctors delivering 100% successful results. We are the only zygoma implant clinic with the best equipment in the world to offer special treatment for Zygoma Implant.

Implant Technology Without Compromising Quality

We only use the world’s best implant brands, Straumann and Nobel implants, in treatments. As Dentafly Dental Clinic®, we develop specially designed software and CAD/CAM infrastructure tools for zygoma together with our R&D team to shape the future. Best zygoma implant

We are working so that you can eat healthy again and be reborn into your life with a perfect smile.

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    We provide 15 times cheaper price than our competitors, we are the most preferred zygoma implant clinic in the world.

REVIEWS of Our Zygoma Implant PATIENTS

Zygoma Implant Cases

We are proud to share the happiness of the treatments we completed in 2022 with our patients.

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We will Make Your Dream Come True

We are just focused on sustainable zygoma implant treatment that delivers the best possible results in a short term. We are accepting people from all over the world. USA, UK, AU, DE are the countries that prefer us the most.

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Zygoma Implant Prices - Affordable Zygoma Implant Price

Patient coordinators who are experts in Zygoma Implant will ask you some questions and ask for photos. Then, together with the zygoma implant specialist doctor, they will tell you their opinions and price options.

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Dentafly has completely changed my life. I cannot thank this incredible company enough. I did allot of research online
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All very professional, lovely clinic, my dentist was very patient and understanding of my desired results, I’m very happy with my finished look
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My sincere appreciation goes to the coordinator ali for his step by step support during the whole process then having...
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